Unique New Jersey Honey Favors

Celebrate love, as ‘Sweet as Honey,’ with our Unique New Jersey Honey Favors, crafted from nectar gathered by our NJ Honeybees! Your guests will cherish every moment of your Wedding, Bridal Shower, or Baby Shower, especially when they receive local Spring Wildflower Honey in charming Favor Jars.

Our NJ Honey Favor is the distinctive and delectable keepsake you’ve been seeking for your special occasions. Crafted from the nectar gathered diligently by our New Jersey honeybees from April to July, this golden blend captures the sweet essence of Maple, Apple, Willow, Dandelion, Wild Strawberry, Lupine, Crimson Clover, Locust, Holly, and Tulip Tree nectar. It’s not just “pure” and “delicious” – our Brides and New Moms can’t help but shower it with praise and adoration!

Our Honey Favors are Perfect for your Baby Shower DIY Decorating

Our Honey Favors are Perfect for Your Wedding DIY Decorating

Our wonderful customers have kindly shared photos of their Honey Favor DIY Wedding and Baby Shower decorations. Explore these images on our Honey Favor DIY Decorating page, where you’ll also discover a list websites our Brides and Mommies to Bee have used to find labels and tags for their creative projects. And thanks to our Brides and New Moms who have shared their photos with us!!

Why our Unique New Jersey Honey Favors are perfect for You!

  • They are filled with New Jersey Spring Wildflower Honey from our Honey Bees
  • You can choose from  2oz., 3oz. and 6oz. Honey Jars
  • They are perfect for DIY decorating by you
  • Includes our clear Heart with Flying Bee label™ on our 2oz 3oz and 6oz Honey Favors
  • Your guests will appreciate a natural, delicious and unique Favor
  • And We are the Beekeepers, Mary & Ed – and we make certain you get the best NJ Spring Wildflower Honey!

Your Guests will love your NJ Raw Honey Favors

Our Honeybees, every Spring, create a wonderful Spring Wildflower Honey that is perfect for filling our charming Favor Jars. And once honey-filled our Honey Favor Jars then become the perfect Favor to DIY Decorate. And add to it that Honey is pure, natural, delicious and edible your guests will truly appreciate the golden goodness contained in your special, personalized Honey Favor!!

Order your New Jersey Honey Favors

When to order your Favors

**We usually ask for four weeks notice when placing your Honey Favors order – but lately we have been fulfilling a lot of Favor orders coming in with less then four weeks notice – maybe we can help you too – contact us and we will let you know**

Shipping Our NJ Honey Favors

We can ship your Favors to locations within the contiguous United States (lower 48) – no problem, we have been shipping Honey Favors for the last 13 years!

Curbside Honey Favor pickup

Our Honey Farm is located in Tinton Falls, NJ near Red Bank, Asbury Park, Freehold, Holmdel and Middletown, NJ. If you are near to us you can order your unique New Jersey Favors for pickup at our customer pickup box in front of our Honey House in Tinton Falls, NJ.

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How did we start offering Honey Favors

For more than 19 incredible years, we’ve been proudly providing Honey Favors filled with our beloved Honeybees’ Spring Wildflower Honey. Our journey started with a simple request from five of our loyal honey customers who asked if we could create Honey Favors for their Baby Showers and Bridal Showers. Since that humble beginning, we’ve had the privilege of working with over 3,000 brides and Mommies-to-Bee, both in the heart of New Jersey and across the entire country!


Thank you so much for your delicious honey. Our guests loved the favors and it made our wedding even more special.

Absolutely Delicious Honey Favors!

E+M Wedding Favors were so cooperative and affordable. Their favors of honey and dippers went over so well with my guests. People are still asking me where I got my favors from. It was so different from anything I have seen. They were absolutely delicious and beautiful. It also supported local honey from local small business. They were very helpful and all their honey is from their bees on the property. I highly Recommend them

E&M Gold Beekeepers

In 2002, we embarked on a mission to develop a stronger local honeybee, and our dedication to this cause has remained unwavering. As a family of beekeepers hailing from Tinton Falls, NJ, we’re delighted to mark our 24th year of Beekeeping. We find immense joy in offering you the highest-quality Honey Favors filled with our New Jersey Spring Wildflower Honey from our Honeybees!