NJ Beeswax Candles

Our NJ Beeswax Figurine Candles include antique-style designs, holiday designs, hearts and beach-theme designs to suit your décor wishes and candle display style, as well as providing plenty of options for your candle gift selections. We’ve created this collection of pure Beeswax Candles to offer the perfect choices for any season, any celebration, and for any gift-giving occasion.

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Our Figurine Candles

Within each NJ beeswax figurine design, you’ll often find multiple choices, such as our snowmen candles in four different styles, and our three sizes of evergreen tree candles, to help you pick the perfect candle. Each of our figurine candles are beautifully-detailed, adorably styled and lovingly poured and perfected for you.

Our figurine candles may be put on display in your home, given as gifts on their own, added to holiday gift baskets, given as party favors and hostess gifts, and in the case of our floating heart candles, they may play a part in a romantic surprise. We love that our NJ Beeswax Figuring Candles have so many uses, and bring such joy to our many pleased customers.

As with all of our 100% natural NJ beeswax candles, each of these candle figurines burn smokeless, dripless and for a long duration, and they’re made without any added coloring or fragrance. They will also help clean the air in your home, a perk of pure beeswax candles. We pour our candles ourselves, using the 100% pure NJ beeswax. We remind you to remind any of your candle gift recipients – to use our NJ Beeswax Figurine Candles safely, never leaving them unattended. Keep your candles as a source of joy, never a risk.